Ex-Black Woman

Work in Progress

Work in Progress


My idea for the book developed from looking back on my experiences and interactions with all levels of individuals since migrating to Pennsylvania, and coming face-to-face with the true nature of racism and self-hatred.


“In my quest to remain focused on what I wanted (to be a part of my new community) rather then acknowledge what I didn’t want (to be discriminated against) I had to confront my own self-defeating blackness and the dark, twisted thinking that has permeated the collective thought of our entire nation creating some of the blackest people on this planet…both Caucasian and Melanian.”


I moved to northeast Pennsylvania nineteen years ago when large corporations were offered opportune benefits for relocating to the region.  My brother followed his employer to Scranton; my family followed my brother; and I followed my family in hopes of a better life.


I soon discovered, in this beautiful mountainous region, a blackness lurking in the atmosphere where the evils of racism were so evenly weighed between black and white that no one can pass through this region without noticing the great proverbial “elephant in the living room.”  

 This memoir examines my personal journey of as a community activist; publisher of a community newspaper;  president of the local MLK commission; founder of the Annual Unity Festival in Northeast Pennsylvania; organizer of the first officially recognized Black History Month Gala in the City of Scranton; winner of the state’s Best 50 Women in Business Award; single parent of five beautiful sons and daughters; to recently in coming face to face with just how “black” I really was–when my youngest son told me in one brief statement,  that I “poop” on Black people more than White people do.  

The accuracy of his statement left me no defense and it was the result of that moment of truth that I arrived at the decision to thrust aside the annoyances, undesirability and devastating effects caused by the blackness of my own narrow minded, selfish, self. 

Thus, I began the path to self mastery.

To “Know Thyself” is the ideal of self mastery which cannot come about without self-examination.  It was for me to comprehend the desires and drives behind my own habits, morals, temperament, and other aspects of my behavior that I struggle with on a daily basis.  I had to let go of labels and fault finding if I were ever to reach my fullest potential and begin to be who I really am. 

It is my sincere hope this self-examination will help others overcome their own limiting beliefs, and the tremendous damage we cause in blaming others for the excuses we make that cause the problems we face as a community, as families, as individuals.   We can design a better life at any stage, in any place, for every reason that life hasn’t been a rewarding experience.

  Ex-Black Woman

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