The Journey of My Vision Board


My Vision Board

My Vision Board

The Vision Board: The Secret to an Extrordinary Life

The Vision Board: The Secret to an Extraordinary Life

Having spent about 4 months away from home now, my vision board has managed to directly connect me with the very people who inspired me to do the vision board in the first place, such as Jack Canfield,  Michael Beckwith, and Bob Proctor to name a few.  I can remember when I first watched “The Secret” and thinking, “These are the people I want to know…I’m going to work with them to spread this message to every one some way!”  And that’s the truth; I was trying to do that anyway with Melanian News…I just didn’t know how.  My motto is, “Focus on what you want, not what you don’t want because you always get what you focus on.”   While I was spinning my wheels doing other things, my board took flight on its own volition landing in the “Wealth and Well-Being section of this best-selling book by Joyce Schwarz.

The synergy of sequence and alignment in these occurrences is nothing less than sheer magic that is only hindered each time I try to step in and help.  As I stand still and just observe, I cannot help but marvel at the magnificent phenomenon taking shape around me; right down to the fact that when it returns I will be living in a new place, finally out of a burdensome situation with my old place.

The journey of my vision is active, never ending.  It is filled with excitement, adventure and magic–all the elements of passion—that combined with the intense focus attained by having a vision board, and with sincere gratitude, I travel this journey in joy! 


VISION BOARDS ARE POWERFUL TOOLS that have been used by some of the most successful people on this planet for centuries.  Many of us have them by happenstance; young people make them by intuition….BUT MOST OF US DO NOT UNDERSTAND THE SCIENCE BEHIND THEM.   


If you are interested in learning more about the power of vision boards (and how mines came to life),

if you want to make your vision board,

or if you have one that you want to activate,

please leave your contact information and I will send you the details to my upcoming workshops and how you can host a workshop for your group,organization, or corporate initiative.

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  1. […] exceptional book by Joyce Schwarz, “The Vision Board: The Secret to an Extraordinary Life.”  More… Published […]

  2. We literally just wrapped up your board into a cardboard mailing tube this weekend. BUT alas one word that fell off was missing! My associate Marlene and I looked high and low for it — was it in the closet where the board was? Was it in the box somewhere? Hmm here I was just about to FINALLY send the board back to you when I FOUND IT — the word — CONFIDENCE — which you have my dear over and over and over. !!!!!!!!!!!!!! It will go out to you priority mail with tracking this week. Glad you like the book! It’s in 6,000 bookstores and of course you can see more at TOO!

  3. Congrats on seeing your visions manifesting worldwide.

  4. i just made my first vision board. actually i’ve made three medium sized boards with different themes.

  5. thank you!

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