...And heaven descended upon the earth.

Heaven on Earth

The Abode

A warm kiss

A beautiful morning...

...A perfect day!

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Appreciate the Gift

Imagine that you give a very special, one of a kind gift;

you carefully wrap it in a beautiful gift box;

you present it to your beloved;

 and they never bother to look inside?
I was given a magnificent human system to experience and sustain my life;

least I can do is show interest in it,

appreciate it,

and cultivate it to fullest potential.

To “know Thyself” is reverence to the Supreme GiverDhayan

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My Word is My Sword

My word is my Sword
my Pen is its holster
I use my sword not to maim or kill
I use it to sever the chains of bondage.

So sharp is my sword
The mere swing removes doubt
One strike frees the mind

I am the warrior of truth
My Sword is powerful
I am at war…with lies
I shall not be defeated!

By Diane V. Boone 2009

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The NEW MOON of June 12, 2010

If you have been feeling a bit more spiritual or philosophical these last few days it more than likely has to do with the new moon cycle that is now currently growing.


During the growing moon is the time to stay focused on the things that you want to grow in your life–just as during the decreasing (waning)moon is the time to stay focused on the things you want out of your life.

Beginning this morning and evening until July 11th:

Upon awakening in the morning repeat your affirmation 21 times for whatever you want more of in your life; be it love, money, wisdom, knowledge, success, children, etc.

Example affirmation: ” Dear God, open the way for more love in my life.”

My Personal Affirmation: “Infinite Spirit, open the way for great abundance in my life, Let all the wealth that is mine by divine right, now reach me in great avalanches of abundance where miracles follow miracles and wonders never cease.”

Upon retiring at night give thanks for receiving your desire 21 times.

Example thanks: ” Dear God, Thank you for bringing more love into my life.”

My personal gratitude: : “Infinite Spirit, thank you for the great avalanches of abundance in my life. I am grateful for having all the wealth that is mine by divine right now reaching me with miracles following miracles and wonders that never cease.”

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I Pray for the healing of our wounded earth.

Sending out a healing prayer for the wounded earth — I am grieving because the internal bleeding continues to pour from our living, loving earth. I mourn the loss of our sacred marine life and the purity of our life sustaining waters.

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I Am Ready!

I am ready to be who I really am.

I am ready to do that which I whish to come True.

I am ready to live the life I am destined to have

I am willing to fulfill my excellence.


I Am all that I wish to be!

I Love who I am!

I Live wihtout fear or discouragement!

I Assist the Divine Intention

I Have all that I need!

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Beginning January 2010

It is my Duty:

To think and say only that which I wish to become true.

To put myself in a position of dignity and independence so as not to be a burden to anyone or myself.

To build my financial structure mentally so that it manifests accordingly with the abundance of the universe.

To have faith in my ability to make money and take action to recieve my worth.

To redeem myself from past mistakes with the dynamic forces that enable me to do marvels.

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What is takes to be Successful Today

To be successful, especially as a black worman: Never let failures defeat you because there will be many.

Climb up from every failure until you reach the summit of your goal.

Keep your goal in mind day and night; and use every failure as a stepping stone to climb up to the summit of your Dreams.

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The Northeast PA Visions of Obama

Dear Northeast PA Friends:


I’d like help in putting together a “Northeast PA Visions of Obama” Collection of photos for the “Visions of Obama Charity Art Auction”  mentioned below by Pamela Moss.


If you have photos and/or artist abilities please contact me here or at melaniannews@msn.com


And Please join us on THE VISION BOARD Official facebook group


From Pamela Moss on FaceBook:



We are putting together a “Visions of Obama Charity Art Auction” featuring the artists of the Vision Board book — to be held online before the Inauguration January 20.

Vision Board artists are invited to submit images of Barack Obama for sale in the auction.

The charity our artwork will benefit is “Kids in Distressed Situations Inc.” (K.I.D.S.). It’s a global charity dedicated to improving the lives of children and families who are ill, live in poverty, or are victims of natural disasters; Obama supports it.

After the Auction, the charity, the artists, the Vision Board book website, and others will be able to sell collectible prints and posters of the original images— a percentage of the profits will go to K.I.D.S., and to the artists, ongoingly.

There’s a huge demand for Obama-themed artwork now — and it will be even greater right before the Inauguration, when corporations and individuals around the world will be looking for Obama art to display at Inauguration parties and receptions — so we’re expecting to make a generous donation to K.I.D.S., while also generating media attention and money for participating artists from the Vision Board book.

And if you have p.r. expertise, we invite you to join us and help design an online media campaign for the “Visions of Obama” Charity Art Auction; we’ll figure out a trade to make it worth your while.

Please reply here, or contact at pamela@innervisionportraits.com.

Crossroads: My Vision, my Journey…

In my haphazard journey to tell the stories of others–I traveled from postal worker to publisher of a local newspaper almost in a blink of an eye–Because I had no experience in publishing whatsoever, I grew weary of all the trial and errors and was at a lost for what to do next.    I obviously asked the right question before going to sleep one night.  when I awakened the next morning, I clearly heard the answer:  Tell your vision!   So here it begins, my memoirs at the crossroads of my journey….Read