Crossroads: My Vision, my Journey…

In my haphazard journey to tell the stories of others–I traveled from postal worker to publisher of a local newspaper almost in a blink of an eye–Because I had no experience in publishing whatsoever, I grew weary of all the trial and errors and was at a lost for what to do next.    I obviously asked the right question before going to sleep one night.  when I awakened the next morning, I clearly heard the answer:  Tell your vision!   So here it begins, my memoirs at the crossroads of my journey….Read


An Incredible Journey…

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I’d like to share the extraordinary experience of my personal vision board taking on a life of its own and literally leaving my house to fulfill my vision. 


My vision board traveled from Pennsylvania, to Florida, to Los Angeles, to New York to create this wonderful opportunity to be a part of the exceptional New HarperCollins book by Joyce Schwarz, “The Vision Board: The Secret to an Extraordinary Life.”        More