The Northeast PA Visions of Obama

Dear Northeast PA Friends:


I’d like help in putting together a “Northeast PA Visions of Obama” Collection of photos for the “Visions of Obama Charity Art Auction”  mentioned below by Pamela Moss.


If you have photos and/or artist abilities please contact me here or at


And Please join us on THE VISION BOARD Official facebook group


From Pamela Moss on FaceBook:



We are putting together a “Visions of Obama Charity Art Auction” featuring the artists of the Vision Board book — to be held online before the Inauguration January 20.

Vision Board artists are invited to submit images of Barack Obama for sale in the auction.

The charity our artwork will benefit is “Kids in Distressed Situations Inc.” (K.I.D.S.). It’s a global charity dedicated to improving the lives of children and families who are ill, live in poverty, or are victims of natural disasters; Obama supports it.

After the Auction, the charity, the artists, the Vision Board book website, and others will be able to sell collectible prints and posters of the original images— a percentage of the profits will go to K.I.D.S., and to the artists, ongoingly.

There’s a huge demand for Obama-themed artwork now — and it will be even greater right before the Inauguration, when corporations and individuals around the world will be looking for Obama art to display at Inauguration parties and receptions — so we’re expecting to make a generous donation to K.I.D.S., while also generating media attention and money for participating artists from the Vision Board book.

And if you have p.r. expertise, we invite you to join us and help design an online media campaign for the “Visions of Obama” Charity Art Auction; we’ll figure out a trade to make it worth your while.

Please reply here, or contact at


The Power of Vision

I had no clue of my own inner world until the day I came home to found that my most prized possessions were stolen…my television and my stereo!

For the first time in my life, I would spend a day without the TV or Stereo on; I grew up with the television on from the time I awakened until I’d fall asleep every single day. 

To suddenly have no external stimuli…all I could do was think.  So I thought and thought and I began to discover a me inside that wanted to find purpose; a me that was undeveloped; a me that needed expression…a me that longed to create vision.

Well, I learned to trust me, became good friends with me, and created a vision of who I’d rather be…About Me

An Incredible Journey…

On page 143



I’d like to share the extraordinary experience of my personal vision board taking on a life of its own and literally leaving my house to fulfill my vision. 


My vision board traveled from Pennsylvania, to Florida, to Los Angeles, to New York to create this wonderful opportunity to be a part of the exceptional New HarperCollins book by Joyce Schwarz, “The Vision Board: The Secret to an Extraordinary Life.”        More