That One Great Thing You Dared to Dream: This Will Inspire you to MAKE IT HAPPEN!

It’s been a while since I worked towards my ultimate goals.  It began by inching away here, and hesitating there until I hit rocky bottom.  Since then, I’ve been trying to stand on a pile of loose rocks, repeatedly slipping aimlessly backward and forward; forgetting who I am.  Then I watched this clip of Tony Robbins:

This flint of inspiration has sparked the flames within!  Now, with the wisdom and abilities gained over the years I must re-define my aim with razor-edge precision and laser-sharp focus on the outcome I intend to have.

I will accept no outcome other than the one I envision clearly in my mind; laid out in every detail, down to the very portraits that will hang on the walls of my sprawling mansion which will serve, not only as the respite I have so long desired, but will stand as an Institute of Social Equity rendering useful service for the betterment of this planet I call home!